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Jewellery Repair Services

Jewellery Repair Services

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Do you have a family heirloom that doesn’t represent your personal style or taste? Or maybe you love that beautiful gold bracelet that was passed down to you from your mom, but that pesky clasp paired with its age is becoming impractical and you’re nervous to wear it. There’s no reason that your favourite pieces of jewellery should have to sit in a box for the rest of eternity! 

Our jewellery and what we choose to wear on our neck, fingers, and arms oftentimes become more than a beautiful necklace or ring, but truly an extension of ourselves. At Executive Diamond Services we have a plethora of repair and refurbishing options available. It’s time to wear your jewellery confidently and with peace of mind, for years to come.


Repair Options 

With seven types of repair options available, our in-house team of experienced repair specialists is highly trained to perform a variety of repairs. All while accommodating your individual needs. 

Claw and Repair Tipping

The claws that hold your precious diamonds and gems can break and become loose over time, jeopardizing the safety and integrity of your pieces. Claw and repair tipping securely reinforces your rings, fortifying their hold. 

Diamond Recutting

 Although diamonds do their best work under pressure, chips and scratches can still occur. Give your diamonds new life with Diamond recutting. This process removes visible impurities and restores your diamonds to their former glory. 

Gemstone Polishing

 Your precious gems deserve to look their best. Our gem polishing and repairing capabilities transform even the dullest gems, resulting in an unrecognizable gem makeover. 

Pearl Restringing

Silk thread often used to tie pearls can wear down over time. Thus, causing your pearl jewellery to become loose or to break altogether. Our complete pearl restringing services ensure that your pearls are purposefully restrung to your exact specifications. 

Rhodium Plating

We love white gold and the way that it beautifully shines by itself and often alongside your diamonds. However, over time that glimmer can fade causing your rings to appear dull and lifeless. Rhodium plating works effectively to refresh your white gold, restoring its bright white shine. 

Stone Replacement

Losing a beloved and sentimental stone can be devastating. However, our highly trained gemologists can perfectly set any new or replacement stone(s) that you may have in mind into their original setting.

Ring Sizing

You shouldn’t have to worry about prying your rings off your fingers or conversely having your rings slide right off without a trace. Our advisors can assist you in resizing your rings to comfortably fit you.


Fixing Your Forever Pieces

Perfect! You’ve identified that one or a number of our services are the solutions to your jewellery repair needs. We’d love to get in touch with you to learn more about your piece and its sentiment so we can provide recommendations and a plan of action for your repairs. We can’t wait to make your pieces sparkle and shine again. 

For a free quote, call us toll-free at 1 (877) 278-6888 or send us an email.

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