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Diamonds are the hardest natural material in the world, so they should last forever without ever needing to be repaired. While diamonds are hard, they are certainly not indestructible. A diamond is known as a crystalline solid. Specifically, diamonds are crystalline forms of carbon. This is important because any crystalline solid such as a diamond can be chipped or cleaved if improperly struck, regardless of how strong the exterior may be. It is quite possible for diamonds to become in need of repair at some point in time. There is also the huge sentimental value of your own diamond that inspires one to have your diamond repaired rather than replaced with another diamond that does not hold the same sentimental value.

We can make that damaged, nicked, chipped, scratched, burnt, or old mine cut diamond look like the day it was born

Our expert diamond cutters will be happy to offer you advice on improving the brilliance and luster of your diamond. If you have a diamond with a rough girdle or rough facets, we can re polish your diamond or reshape your diamond with minimal weight loss.

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