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Diamond Ring Calgary

Diamond Ring Calgary

A diamond ring at our Calgary store represents a jewellery offering that is unlike any other. There is nothing quite as profound as the strength, resiliency and commitment represented by the gift of a diamond. Over the ages, these precious stones have been cherished and prized due to their symbolism that alludes to strength, made into an eternal metaphor with the circular and never-ending bands they are set upon. When you offer a diamond from Executive Diamond Services, you are not just giving any ordinary gift; you are giving them something that’s an ever-lasting token of your affection.

The Allure of Canadian Diamonds

Our Calgary jewellery store offers the finest Canadian diamonds for our customers. Over the past two decades, Canada has become one of the world’s top exporters of diamonds. Due to scrupulous mining standards and the high quality of the stones that are unearthed here, including a unique serial number tracking system for all mined and cut stones, the demand for these diamonds has skyrocketed in recent years.

Customizing Your Ring

We are pleased to assist all of our customers with concept and diamond ring design creation services at one of the fastest growing jewellery stores’ in Calgary. We offer these services as a complementary amenity to better serve our customer base. Our store is outfitted with CAD creation computers that enable us to help you bring your concept and idea of a custom ring vibrantly to life. With onsite diamond cutters and goldsmiths, we have the tools and talent to create the custom jewellery you want.

Our Inventory

Shop from a massive inventory that includes some of the finest diamonds in Canada when designing your diamond ring in Calgary. At Executive Diamond Services we only select the highest quality of stones that come from Canadian diamond mines. We are proud to stock a large and ever-growing inventory of loose stones. Select your desired carat and cut, and then choose the desired setting for your customized family heirloom.

Insuring Your Investment

Diamond rings in Calgary require a substantial investment and will retain a significant and emotional as well as sentimental attachment that lasts a lifetime. We encourage all of our customers to fully insure their purchases to protect them in the event of damage, loss or theft. We also provide insurance recovery assistance services to aid you in the event that you do need to make an insurance claim.

About Our Store

As new generation jewellers, we offer a refined environment with a professional atmosphere and a relaxed shopping experience. We strive to assist our customers with every aspect of their purchase to facilitate a unique shopping experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with customer service when shopping for your next diamond ring.

Lucrative Financing Now Available

Our customers now have the option to finance their purchases. We are pleased to have secured private lending options with a number of lenders. For our qualified customers (OAC), we are now able to offer generous interest rates and repayment terms to make their investment in diamond jewellery more feasible today.

Consult with a Jewellery Specialist

We understand that shopping for your perfect diamond ring in Calgary is an important decision that you won’t want to rush. Assuredly, there will be plenty of questions that you have about the different diamonds, cuts, precious metal options and designs. We are here to assist you with your purchase today with a dedicated jewellery consultant.

To schedule an in-store consultation, please email us. Or simply contact us toll free at: (877) 278-6888.