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Diamond Earrings Calgary

There’s nothing quite as decadent as a pair of sparkling and attractive designer diamond earrings. Diamonds are beloved for their light refraction, often called “sparklers” by many enthusiasts because of how the light passes through them and the many prisms of the various cuts. These beautiful earrings are a direct representation of your refined tastes and are a real staple to any outfit you wear.

The Executive Diamond Services store stocks the finest selection of diamonds in all of Calgary. As one of the nation’s fastest growing jewellery stores’ in Calgary, we are pleased to offer an immaculate inventory of loose stones and of set diamonds. You have the option to choose the stone, cut and style that you like and pair it with the setting of your choice. You can also design your pair of earrings from scratch or select from our existing inventory.

Popular Styles to Consider

When shopping for your new pair of diamond earrings at our Calgary location, it is helpful to determine which cut suits you the most. With dozens of cuts and styles available, it can often be difficult to arrive at a decision. Our experienced jewellery specialists will be more than happy to assist you in determining which cut is the perfect style for you. With plenty of options to consider, including custom ones, we’ll help you find the perfect pair today.

About Our Diamonds

We proudly stock our store with one of the largest inventories of loose diamonds in Canada. Our diamonds are mined domestically and come from local mines known for their high quality roughs. Our onsite diamond cutters grade each rough before they carefully and precisely cut it to be added to our inventory. World famous for their high quality, color and clarity, no other stone can compare to that of the decadence of Canadian diamonds.

A Custom Set Just for You

Executive Diamond Services also offer customization options for diamond earrings in Calgary. With an onsite CAD/CAM modeling workstation, we can use your input to create a special, custom design of earrings just for you. We offer this service as a complementary amenity for all of our valued customers. Assure your earrings are truly unique when they are custom made just for you.

Insurance to Protect Your Investment

The decision to purchase a wonderful pair of new diamond earrings at our Calgary store should also be one that is forward thinking. An insurance plan is a cost effective and smart way to protect your investment in beautiful diamond jewellery. With an insurance plan in place, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you are protected should your earrings be stolen or sustain accidental damage. We help our customer’s process insurance claims to expedite the process as well.

Convenient Financing Options Available

We have made arrangements with a number of private banks to offer our customers convenient options with financing. We understand that the purchase of a new pair of gorgeous earrings can often also be a large financial endeavor. With low interest rates and long-term repayment plans now available, there’s no reason to hold off on that smart purchase.

Consult with a Jeweller

We are pleased to offer complementary consultations at our jewellery stores in Calgary for all of our customers. Our consultants are here to help answer any important questions that you might have as well to assist you in finding the dazzling pair of diamond earrings that you are seeking in Calgary today. To schedule an in-store consultation, please email us. Or please call us toll free at: (877) 278-6888 today.