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We provide jewellery claims services that enable insurance carriers and adjusters to reduce losses, streamline processing and improve customer satisfaction. As Canada’s largest provider of jewellery insurance claims services our customers rely on us for peace of mind.

Our insurance replacement division offers a wide array of innovative and cost saving solutions that have been developed specifically for your needs. Retail jewellery is a multimillion dollar industry in North America, but most of the insurance industry is often misinformed and ill-equipped to properly and more profitably deal with jewellery insurance claims.

Incorrect appraisals, poorly trained staff and huge price margins of diamonds and finished jewellery are some of the contributing factors that add to this problem. Most carriers claim that their jewellery business is profitable….the truth is that most carriers consistently overpay upwards of 35%. offers a better solution. We are jewellery replacement specialists that have the loyalties of the insurance industry and their customers as our core.

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