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eAppraisal Services
e-Appraisal Services offers a paperless, environmentally friendly alternative to managing jewellery appraisals. e-Appraisal Services is an online network that unites customers with jewellers, appraisers and insurance companies all over the country to better serve you. Your appraisals’ are updated for a fraction of the cost every two years without you having to bring the pieces back into the store.e-Appraisal Services offers unique features to simplify and accelerate the potential jewellery replacement process. When getting your most valuable pieces insured, you will be able to forward your appraisals to you insurance agents simply by providing the most basic information such as a contact name and e-mail address. These legal documents will be forwarded automatically without you having to worry about visiting your agent.In case of a lost, stolen or damaged item, e-Appraisal allows you to quickly get started on the jewellery replacement process by requesting an insurance claim. By providing your claim information, our appraisers will not only forward your appraisals to your adjuster but your appraisals will be updated beforehand; thus insuring your get maximum value on your replacement.

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