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Diamond Insurance in Calgary is an unfortunate yet necessary aspect in protecting your investment in a beautiful Canadian diamond. Sought after for their vivid cuts, dazzling clarity and eco-friendly, conflict-free mining methods, these diamonds have helped Canada quickly ascend to one of the top worldwide exporters of diamonds in a matter of just a few decades. Due to their international regard, they are often targeted by thieves because they retain their value well and hold a high resale value. To protect your investment in these diamonds, At Executive Diamond Services we are pleased to offer an insurance replacement service as a courtesy to our customers.

Client Contact Center

In the instance that a customer of ours requires an insurance claim be made, our specialists are here to assist in resolving the dispute in an expeditious manner. A contact center at our establishment has been setup to help streamline the claims process and to assist our customers in the settling of any claims in an expedient manner.

Valuation Service

In order to assist you in making any future claims on diamond insurance in Calgary, our jewellery stores in Calgary are pleased to offer free evaluations of your diamond purchases. We then store these assessed values on file. They can be easily accessed by us in the event that a claim for your insurance arises in the future. We do this to help our customers easily make any claims.

Settlement Service

After you have contacted us and have begun the process, we work with you and the insurance company to help speed up the settlement process. We use our connections in the insurance industry and our stored records of the value of your diamonds to aid in the settlement process. Using this method, we have found that the entire process goes smoothly for all parties involved.

Customer & Insurance Company Contact Center

Our stores are equipped with a customer and policyholder contact center. When a customer phones us to inquire about a claim with their diamond insurance in Calgary, we conduct the intake on their information. We then facilitate the communication with the insurance company on behalf of our customers. This helps reduce the time involved in making any claim.

Assessing Replacement Value

Our team of valuation specialists has worked in the jewellery industry for a number of years. We have extensive experience with assessing value and appraising diamond jewellery of all types. We use our experience to help validate the replacement value of any insured items as a courtesy for our valued customers. Your diamond insurance policy in Calgary will require an assessed value from a reputable jeweller for all claims.

How the Process Works

If you have the unfortunate experience of being a victim of theft or damage to an insured piece of jewellery, simply contact our store to begin the process. A friendly and knowledgeable agent will be happy to assist you with opening a claim, assessing a replacement value and communicating on your behalf with the insurance company to help speed up the process.

Our Commitment To You

At Executive Diamond Services we are committed to delivering a world class diamond and jewellery buying experience. Inclusive of that is our market leading diamond insurance services in Calgary. We offer this as a complementary service to our loyal customers. It’s our way of thanking for you for the business by committing to helping you ease any insurance related claims when and if the need arises.