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Custom Rings

There are a plethora of reasons to consider custom rings when shopping at our Calgary jewellery store. Primarily, a custom piece of jewellery is signatory and is truly one-of-a-kind. Most jewellery is offered as a sentimental gift, intended to convey an emotion that is related to any particular date or event of importance. A custom designed ring empowers you to offer a gift unlike any other-one that was thoughtfully and carefully designed by you and our team to create a joyous memory that the recipient never forgets.

CAD/CAM Design Software

At Executive Diamond Services we are pleased to offer our customers custom rings and conceptual design at our Calgary location. We use special CAD/CAM design software (three-dimensional modeling software) to design the ring of your dreams before your very eyes. We can also take your concept and elaborate on it, resulting in an exclusive signature design. Customized jewellery is ideal for gift giving or for creating your own unique keepsake that is unlike any other to be found.

No Charge Concept Design

As one of the leading jewellery stores in Calgary, we proudly offer our CAD/CAM ring design services as a free and complementary amenity to our valued customers. Our specialists will be more than happy to devote the necessary time to learn about your concept as well as to render a unique CAD/CAM design that incorporates the styles, metals and precious stones that you have selected.

Getting Started

Creating custom rings will require some research on your part beforehand. We are happy to offer a few helpful tips with getting started to help ease your custom design efforts.

  • Research different styles online and save the pictures of the rings you like the most.
  • Compare different styles and their technical terms, and take some notes to assure that your ring is made just the way you want it.
  • Choose your favorite metals and stones in advance.
  • Rely upon our Calgary jewellery stores and our design specialists to assist you in your endeavors.

Popular Metals

A number of popular precious metals can be used for custom rings and are readily available at our Calgary store. Our jewellers stock the metals and stones that are most commonly used, and are able to order any other rare metals that you might require. A few of the most popular metals include: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium and tungsten carbide.

Popular Stones

While one of the most popular stones we sell are the magnificent and dazzling Canadian diamonds, you do have many other options when creating customized rings. Be sure you include other popular selections like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, onyx, pearl and others when choosing which stones are most ideal for your custom creation.

Insurance Options

Once you have taken the time to create a memorable ring, be sure that you safeguard your investment by taking out an insurance policy. We are pleased to offer insurance for custom rings that can help protect your investment in the event that the ring becomes damaged or is stolen. We also offer an insurance settlement assistance service to help our customers validate and settle any insurance related claims.

Schedule An Exclusive Consultation

We invite you to contact our store today via email to make arrangements for your exclusive consultation on the custom rings we offer in Calgary. During your consultation, you will meet with an experienced jewellery specialist, who can advise you on what options you have as far as customization is concerned. You can also call us toll free at: (877) 278-6888 to receive a phone consultation and a detailed quote on custom jewellery.

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